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    I feel its my professional duty to confirm everything commented on in this stream. All the rumours heard in the first post are completely accurate and I would advise anyone, NOT TO WORK HERE. Ive been a teacher for six years, five of which in innner-city London. IALE is by far the most unorganised, unfriendly, unethical and corrupt place I have ever worked at.
    The resources are below adequate, attitudes towards education are based upon profits and unnecessary levels of inaptitude.
    There were five of us who left within one year. Some due to extreme levels of stress, which was unsupported and not dealt with. In my case, I was blackmailed into staying longer than I had originally planned. I left and was re-employed elsewhere within 4 hours.
    I cannnot stress highly enough, do not work here. If you want/need work in Valencia, there are ample jobs for teachers and native English speakers.

    Believe the rumours, for once they are entirely based on the truth.

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