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Youth Unemployment Rate in Sri Lanka increased to 20% https://www.dreamjobs.lk/

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The young generation plays a vital role in the society. The personal traits and the characteristics of generation Y or the millennial are very different in compared to the generation X who were born in the 60s and 70s.Now a days, the biggest issue that affected for younger generation in Sri Lanka is the highest growth of the unemployment rate.
The youth unemployment rate In Sri Lanka, is getting increased from 18.5% to 20% in the year 2017.Despite the fact that millennial consists more capabilities and the enthusiasm, some are still getting misguided when it comes to find a most suitable job.

The reason behind this factor is, number of job seekers do not aware about the proper sources and channels to land their “Dream Job” effectively. The job seekers who suffer from the unemployment can now start searching thousands of jobs through https://www.dreamjobs.lk/

The fastest growing recruitment platforms like DreamJobs.lk is constantly help young generations in terms of finding a most eligible job which matches with their skills and the experience. https://www.dreamjobs.lk/ as one of the most responsible online recruitment platforms greatly help to reduce the unemployment rate within the Sri Lankan job market.

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