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Hi everyone I'm going to travell in Thailand next month, i would like to visit Qiangmai and Phuket island. I'm gratefull for anyone who give me the advise and if it is posible to study and work in Qiangmai ? Thanks!

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    Have a nice fun in Thailand. Last year we had gone in Pattaya and it was really enjoyable vacation. Moreover you may collect your traveler Thailand prepaid sim from prepaidsimcard.org for your extra enjoy. I had got a lot of facilities from there.

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    Hi miss Shanshan ,
    my name is Ashley , im from Vancouver canada , ive been to Chianmai and Phuket island and in my idea these places you mentioned are not for study as they are tourist attraction , yes you can possibly work there as they are lot off night clubs , srtip clubs ( naked dances ) massage parlors and may be resturants and if you need any more detail please contact me at ltma42@ hotmail.com i will be happy to help you

    take care and keep smiling

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