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    retire in uruguay

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    hi m.silva.ive been working and living in south korean all my life.im searching for country where it will fit my life style and where doller will go long way to retire.i been doing research(but limited) and i narrowed it down to couple of countries where i would like to retire and my top choice is uruguay(if things go as i planned probably around june or july at the lateset).i have couple of question i would like to ask and be most appreciated if can you answer in best of your knowledge.thank you

    1)i want to have permanent residency in uruguay.is it hard to achive this.is this different from "cedula" and how long would it take.
    2)i would like to open a small business is this possible with out permanent residency.
    3)since i cant speak nor read either spanish or portuguese is it possible to goto college in uruguay at my age(im 45)if so can you tell me what is the average annual college tuition will be.
    4)if i do decide to move to uruguay can i hire you to help me in other matters.

    Thank you

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