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Now you can reach a larger base of customers by requesting a web design service of Alalmiya Alhura. It helps your business spread with the best possible way. Designing a unique website can perfectly reflects your commercial identity on the web. You can also be on top of the search results by depending on us to design a professional website for your business.
Alalmiya Alhura adopts the latest Web Design Technology
Web Development Service depend on many aspects such as programming languages, website creation platforms, coding software and ETC.
We will show you the most important languages, software and platforms Alalmiya Alhura uses in a professional web page design.

1- CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer:
CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer is considered one of the best web design software Alalmiya Alhura uses in a web page design. Thanks to its ease and flexibility in use, the software ability solves many coding problems. It is worth noting that the CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer is established the first winner of the web design software categories.

2- Adobe XD:
It is the most popular and most widely used program in the world in designing user interfaces while creating a website. This software is characterized by many advantages that make Alalmiya Alhura Foundation adopt it as a basic program in designing the websites of its clients. One of the most important advantages of Adobe XD is its ability to create distinctive interactive designs that add an aesthetic touch to the site during its use, in addition to its ease and flexibility in use.

3- Protopie:
It is also one of the most powerful UX design and configuration user interface software. Interestingly, it is very similar to Adobe XD in the terms of UI configuration. There is a difference between UX and Protopie. Protopie software provides greater flexibility in adding, adjusting and configuring animations and transitions among pages. Therefore, this software provides a very unique user experience. That’s why Alalmiya Alhura adopts it mainly in its web page design process for clients.

The most professional Web Design Service with Alalmiya Alhura
Alalmiya Alhura provides you with the best solutions available to build up a professional website that serves your business.

1- An Easy-To-Use Website:
With us, you will be able to get a professional website design which is flexible and dynamic. Surely, you can easily modify its design.

2- Security and Privacy:
We provide our customers with a highly secure web page design to keep your business and your customers’ data from being hacked.

3- A Professional Team:
Alalmiya Alhura has a special team with great experience in web page design starts from scratch. We will enable you to establish a website with a unique design and distinctive modern colors for your brand identity.

4- Designing an Online Store for Your Company:
By Alalmiya Alhura web development service; you will be able to get a professional online store designed to display all your products, prices, ordering details, shipping and delivery to your customers. Make sure that no errors will be found because you're dealing with the best.

5- Compatible with all Devices:
We provide you with a fully responsive website design compatible to all screen sizes of different devices such as computer screens, mobiles and tablets.

6- Designing a Dynamic Website:
Alalmiya Alhura adopts the latest programming techniques in web design. We enable our clients to set up a fast easy to use modified fully prepared website for search engines.

7- Create a Website linked to Social Media:
We help you create a website linked with your business's social media accounts. Also, we display the icons of those accounts in the web page design.

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