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I would like to work in the U.s for about 1 year

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Hello everyone,
I am 21 Years old, I live in Germany and I would very much like to work in the United States for about 1 year.
I've read so much stuff about Visa, Jobs, Requirements and all the things I need to prepare before I can even apply for a Visa that I am simply overwhelmed with all this information.
So I'd like to ask some assistance here. How do I actually start? Do I apply for a Job (in the US) first or should I get my application for a Visa done?
And do I even meet the conditions for the needed Visa? As far as I've read online, only people with a Academeic degree are allowed to work for that long in the U.S.
Some things about me that might help answer my questions:

About 4 years ago I obtained my Realschulabschluss (=Secondary school leaving certificate).
Afterwards I visited a technical college specialized on electrical engineering wich I left after one year because I didn't really liked it.
Since 2013 I am doing a 3 year training as a gardener specialized on ornamental plants. If I pass my exams I have currently, I am going to finish my training next month ( July 2016)
After that I am for the time being, unemployed.

So can you please give me some advice and/or introductions on how do I start and if I am even allowed to do this?

Thank you,


PS: Please excuse grammatical errors if there are any. :)

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