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Gifts to Belarus

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Hi! Can someone help me? I need to send gifе to Belarus, for my relatives
But I don't know some service of delivery..

  • Maria P

    Thank you

    Aufgegeben von  Maria P in Weißrussland Forum  

    thank you very much! I hope I will find then what I want)

  • U can use

    Aufgegeben von Gelöschter Nutzer in Weißrussland Forum  

    Delivery service in Belarus a lot, but here's a good one - by-flowers.com. Try to use it. There you will be able to select perfect present and delivery in the correct city in Belarus. Good Luck!

  • Maria P


    Aufgegeben von  Maria P in Weißrussland Forum  

    I talk about it . I try to find such service quality. I know there are services of delivery only to Belarus deliver, but I do not know what better

  • Aufgegeben von  in Weißrussland Forum  

    Well, in general, these services are many, but not all of them provide the quality and delivery of goods. and if u want send present with flowers, you will need to apply to the professional service.

  • Maria P

    Aufgegeben von  in Weißrussland Forum  

    Hi! No, it isn't a very big gift) I want to send small gift with flowers. And it will be perfect, if it will be able to deliver one service. Desirably not very expensive

  • Hi! maybe I can help u ^)

    Aufgegeben von Gelöschter Nutzer in Weißrussland Forum  

    Good afternoon! You need to send gifts to specific date? You already have a gift? I know a few good services, but if you have a very big gift - mail will not be engaged in this, and then you need a plane! hah))

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