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Questions on moving to Cyprus

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I was offered a job on Cyprus by a german company, that hires staff for a call-center on Cyprus (Larnaca). The salary would be 1300€. On one hand, I`d love to live there, on the other hand, I don`t know, if that`s a good deal. 1300€ isn`t much.

There would be two options: take all my belongings with me, and pay 3000+€ for a transport, or take just a few things and buy the rest new on Cyprus. Is furniture etc expensive on Cyprus? Which option would you recommend?

Another thing is, what is better: take your car with you, or sell it and get a used one on Cyprus?

As I have 5 cats, whom I consider my family, I`d prefer to not live in the city centre. There should be much nature and no bigger streets, so they can go outside. Do you think, it will be hard to find a place for one guy and his cats?

Hope you can help me decide on what to do!

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    My name is Andri and I'm working at an IT product company, which creates state of the art online entertainment projects.
    We are looking for German speakers to join our Customer Support team.
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    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards,
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