12th Jenner Glycobiology&Medicine Symposium,Translational GlycoBiology


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Sheraton Riviera Dubrovnik Hotel

Šetalište dr. F. Tuđmana 17 - 20207, Croatia, 21312 Karte

12th Jenner Glycobiology and Medicine Symposium "Translational Glycobiology - From Bench to Bedside"
May 6-9, 2017Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel, Dubrovnik

                                                   Gordan Lauc, PhD - Conference Chairman
Welcome letter
Dear Colleagues,
it is my great pleasure to invite you to attend the 12th Jenner Glycobiology and Medicine Symposium “Translational Glycobiology - From Bench to Bedside” that will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia on May 6-9, 2017.
The Jenner glycobiology and medicine symposia were the first and main international multidisciplinary conferences set up to examine the relevance of glycobiology to immunology, medicine and clinical practice. The symposia, since 2001, have been organised by the Royal Society of Medicine with the aim to widen clinical participation and to actively promote and foster greater interaction and collaboration between glycobiologists and clinicians.
With glyco-diagnostics and glyco-stratification of patients becoming reality and glycoengineered drugs entering the market, this series of conferences is more attractive than ever. In the last few years over 40,000 individual glycomes have been published. The interest among clinicians is increasing steadily and new evidence about the importance of glycans in diseases and disease models is being generated on regular basis. Methods for sample preparation, high-resolution analysis and quantification of glycans and glycopeptides are constantly being improved, promising further advances in our understanding of the role of protein glycosylation in disease.
Glycome integrates our genetic background with past and present environmental factors, thus it offers a promise of more efficient patient stratification than genetic polymorphisms (that are set for a lifetime of an individual). Until recently, this was only an elusive promise, but newly generated data are converting this promise into a reality. The progress is still slow, but

On Saturday May

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