Men's Circle - A Gathering of Men


New York

New York Avenue, New York, NY, USA Karte

A place for men to define a new masculinity, sharpen their iron, and challenge each other to live a more purposeful life.

About this Event
What is a man?
The world is littered with contradictions on masculinity.

Be strong, but be gentle. Be a nice guy, but don't end up in the friend zone. Be open with your emotions but "boys don't cry."

But being a man is not about living up to others expectations.

It's about defining our own. And then constantly testing and surpassing ourselves through challenge, healthy competition, and brotherhood with other men.

This is a space to create yourself as a new man. A man relevant to the times we are constantly challenged by.

A man that brings value to himself, his family, his community. You will know and feel your rightness in your bones when you discover this man within you.

And you will work hand in hand with your fellow men who will help you sharpen your blade, and challenge you to act from your highest self.

What we will explore:
What is a man?
Mission and Purpose
Masculine qualities - what are they and are they good or bad?
Myths about men
Creating a safe space
The Benevolent Masculine
And of course, women. The gifts and challenges of loving them.
Who is this for?
Any man that wants to grow deeper into his masculine, and wants to attract or maintain a loving relationship with the feminine, and be of value to himself and his community.

Zoom link will be provided upon ticket purchase
Be on time. Integrity is paramount to being a man. Room will lock 5 minutes after start time and no one will be permitted to join late.

On Wednesday August 5, 2020 at 8:00 pm (ends 9:30 pm)

Category: Sports / Leisure


Staff: USD 10.0
Suggested Donation: USD 50.0
Pay What You Want: USD 0.0
Unable to Donate: USD 0.0

Venue: New York, New York, New York



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