Paintfest 2019 at Flag Raiders Paintball


Flag Raiders Outdoor

425 Bingemans Centre Drive, Kitchener, ON N2B 3X7, Canada Karte

Paintfest, is back, tied in Bring a NEW Player Day, our Demo Day, Team Day, Bring a Friend and Paintball Media & Personality Day.Sunday April 28th, 2019 For many years Paintfest was the official opening of the new paintball season at Flag Raiders Paintball. After a 23 year hiatus it returned in 2013 mightier than ever. For 2019 Paintfest will offer participants the opportunity to test and demo products from many of the leading manufacturers in the paintball industry including; Tippmann, Empire, MilSig, Planet Eclipse, MCS, Dye and many others. Any players wishing to make product purchases will receive discount coupons for purchases made at Flag Raiders Pro Shop and Retail Store. Participate in a variety of paintball game formats including traditional 68 cal, Magfed, or try Half Splat (low impact). Directly tied in with the worldwide initiative to introduce more new players to the sport, Flag Raiders will offer free entry and free rentals for the day. All players and equipment owners will be encouraged to bring a brand new player, introduce them to the sport of paintball and experience the many fields of Flag Raiders. Meet members of Flag Raiders home scenario teams and learn about upcoming events at Flag Raiders. Meet various paintball media personalities, including the crew of Behind the Bunker; a weekly live online paintball show. Pencil Sunday April 28th 2019 on your calendar as a must attend, and bring a friend or six to Flag Raiders for Paintfest. for more information visit, or email for up to the minute news briefs and promotional videos , & or call to register 519-653-3322. Gates open at 9:00am!

On Sunday April 28, 2019 at 9:00 am (ends 5:00 pm)

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Venue: Flag Raiders Outdoor, 425 Bingemans Centre Drive, Kitchener, N2B 3X7



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