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Calle Bolsería, 33, Valencia, Spagna Karte

Hello all wine lovers of Valencia!!

I’m happy to take you through to an experience of mystic wines !!!
This time is Vera de Estrenas’s wines turn !!! ( Denomination of Origin Utiel – Requena)
Vera de Estrenas is a family winery located in Utiel, 80km inside Valencia, direction: Madrid.

The winery has got a very limited production and they are harvesting by hand. That’s the reason for its very high quality wines.
Have you ever heard about the ‘vinos de pago’ ? First of all ‘Vino de Pago’ is a classification system.
I can briefly resume that the wines are produced in very limited areas. A ‘vino de pago’ must be cultivated and produced in the area in which it is located. The grapes can not be mixed up with grapes of other parcels.
Also, the microclimates, traditional way of production, cultivation, makes the wine obtained very special.
But don’t worry you are going to taste a delicious wine ‘de pago’ of the 25 wines allowed all over Spain !! yes because Vera de Estrenas got the permission to produce 2 ‘pago’ wines.

This time I am proposing the taste of 2 wines and 1 cava in the following order:
- Cava brut nature – Vera de Estrenas;
- Viña Lidon – white ‘vino de pago’
- Casa don Angel – red wine, Bobal 100%, 18 months on oak barrel (intensive wine).
For each wine you will get a different traditional tapa of Valencia.

The tasting will be in English.
Price: 15€ including 3 wines tasting + 3 tapas.
You can book your place with just only 5€ and you will pay the rest at the entrance of the event.

While I am looking for to see you next week, I am saying goodbye with this words:
‘ Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle. -Paulo Coelho’

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