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Bird Strike
 Bird Strike
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  • Bird Strike
     Bird Strike

    We would like to introduce our self:-
    A clearance company which is looking to serve you.....

    Our services:-
    GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS CLEARANCE that includes; CPR, LMRA VISAS for new, renewal, termination, change of occupation, transfer visa, and worker’s runaway, & others; LMRA for AUTHORIZATION, Visa UPGRADING and others, GOSI Insurance Clearances, IMMIGRATION for Residence, New Application, NOC, Returned VISA and others, GOSI, Foreign Affairs, Electricity & Water, Commerce, Ministry of Labor for New Work Permit (VISA) & Renewal & OTHER GOVT CLEARANCES.

    contact info:-
    If you would like to try our services just contact us 35555772/35520591 to arrange a meeting, and about the price don't worry because our charging methods will be less than any clearing company.

    looking forward for contracts.. or even you can try us as per daily work:- our goal is to be the fastest,,,

    Best Regards,

    Ateeq Ahmad