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Michael Neter
 Michael Neter
Über mich:
I am a Inovator and Achitekt ! Dubai got what i need a great spirtit and a future !!! I woud love to creat something for Dubai where the world would look of ! My Ancestor Anubis was on the the biggest creators on earth and in my mind are many things ! I got something for Dubai what nobody got on earth and i would love to make biusness whit somebody what got a smart mind and a good eye for the future ! The Palm Irland in dubai looks got but it is a disaster just one storm and all is gone !!! The Achitekture is brilliand but not the engineering !!! Silly build make sense !!! Who knows the contakt nr or Email adress of the Investor what paid for the Palms Irlands ? I got a International Patent of a House what never breaks that would be a better Option for dubai Palms Irlands . The Achitekt of this Palms irland projekt was dump ...the risk is to hight bad job for good money ! Let me help to make it perfect . Have a nice day
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Duisburg (Germany)
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Duisburg, Dubai


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