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Pipo Kirchner
 Pipo Kirchner
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Hello Eweryone! Please let me introduce first, we are a healthy lifestyle following couple from Hungary (49 / 54 years old). We eat 90% raw food, do organic gardening and we are self-supporting. There is little sunshine and no fresh vegetables, fruits available in winter in our country, therefore we look for "hibernation" possibilities every year for 2-3 months (20th Dec - 20th March) in such tropical country where we calmly can continue our lifestyle. In return for accommodation we work - working around the house, gardening. E.g. we were in Bolivia this way (Santa Crus, Dr. Probst holistic healer's farm), as well as in Paraguay (in El Paradiso lifestyle farm). Kindly ask you if there is a similar possibility by you or among your friends, please inform us. We speak German well, but also English a little. Thank you!
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