Ships, Mountains & the Sea V - Paintings of Bc coast & Burrard Inlet

Ships, Mountains & the Sea V - Paintings of Bc coast & Burrard Inlet



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3352 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6S 2C1, Canada Χάρτης

Haughton dwells on the interface between the immutable - Nature’s sea, mountains, sky - and the ephemeral - Man’s fortresses, temples and, in this series, ocean freighters. His rapid-fire suggestions of form and shape, his wide, multi-layered textural passages, and his quickly sketched contour lines transcend realism and trigger strong emotions of nostalgia and longing. ©Mia Johnson –

Haughton on returning to the theme of Ships, Mountains and the Sea:
When I arrived in Vancouver in 1991, I fell in rapture with the landscape of British Columbia. Between 1998 and 2007, four of my six exhibitions were made up of landscape paintings depicting the BC coast. I explored uniquely BC themes, creating multiple series of paintings that - mostly, loosely, somehow - fit under the title “Ships, Mountains & the Sea”.

I painted huge ships off the shore of Spanish banks, turning slowly with the tidal flow, while windsurfers, sailboats and seaplanes skittered between them.

I painted massive cranes, dwarfing the nearby buildings yet dwarfed, in turn, by the coastal mountain backdrop to their mechanized genuflections.

I painted the sunsets and sunrises over the seas at Tofino, Ucluelet, Quadra Island, Nitinaht Lake and the Vancouver Harbour, seeking to spark in my viewers the same ache of nostalgia/exhilaration of life that I felt as I wandered this marvelous landscape.

I am now returning to “Ships, Mountains & the Sea”, taking care of unfinished business.

Ships, Mountains & the Sea V will be the first of three planned exhibitions of that name, re-exploring these old themes.
Hey, how many times did Cezanne paint Mont Sainte-Victoire?

To schedule a visit please RSVP to We are observing public health guidelines. Bring a mast. We will have two (2) HEPA air purifiers operating.

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