World Immunotherapy Congress 2016

World Immunotherapy Congress 2016



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Congress Center Basel

Congress Center Basel, Messeplatz 21, 4058 Basel, Switzerland Χάρτης

Immunotherapy currently offers the brightest hope for cancer treatment. New developments with checkpoint inhibitors and co-stimulatory targets have enabled some stunning breakthroughs and high optimism for the sector. Recently, there have been some incredibly exciting new therapies in areas such as CAR-T and Oncolytic Viral Immunotherapy.

Our vision is to bring together the full community and provide a single meeting point for the whole value chain. It is where science meets business to make immunotherapy the cornerstone of the fight against cancer.

The event is new, though the ideas and relationships are not. The event comes out of our discussions with leading clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and research institutes held every year at the successful European Antibody Congress, now in its twelfth successful year.

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Current standard price (before 26 August): GBP 2160,
Current academic price (before ): GBP 1080,
Final standard price : GBP 2970,
Final academic price : GBP 1485

Speakers: Dr Hans-Peter Gerber, Vice President, Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development, Dr Alain Beck, Associate Editor, mAbs, Senior Director, Antibody Physico-Chemistry, Centre d'Immunologie Pierre Fabre, Dr Berthold Boedeker, Chief Scientist, Bayer Ag, Professor Lindy Durrant, Joint CEO and CSO, Scancell Ltd, Dr Patricia Gräf, Associate Scientist Immunology R&D, Juno Therapeutics, Dr Ulf Grawunder, Chief Scientific Officer, 4-Antibody AG

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