Alfonso David Lizana Muñoz

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Alfonso David Lizana Muñoz
 Alfonso David Lizana Muñoz
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My name is David Alfonso live in the city of Talca in Chile last in the world in South America work, study and now I'm getting my fifth title to be an industrial engineer at the University of lakes and 27años I'm bored of being alone'm looking for my other half especially now that I realize that every time veeo my friends are already married and with children it makes me feel uncomfortable by the fact that they are really happy and not as I do that I have devoted to studying pure and I feel really alone The essence of life is to be full, but this will need to find my great love which I find Al at all costs I like to cook, go jogging, biking, eating healthy, scale and go on a motorcycle to relax
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Maule (Chile)
English, Spanish
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Φίλους, Σχέση, Επαγγελματικές επαφές
Australia, Maule


Camping, Hiking, Outdoor life, Cooking, Movies/Videos, Music, Bowling, Dancing, Football, Tennis/Racquet Sports, I enjoy riding a motorcycle, the climb and run around on me relax too much with my friends come out to pubs and cooking makes me be in a world where everything I control my craving is incredible, what I enjoy eating healthy and listen to music
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El señor de los anillos
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golondrinas de invierno
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charming, nice cool, I like to laugh and make people laugh JIJIJIJI
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Products Fernandez PF
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Technician and Air Conditioning Cooling. Electronic Industrial Superior Industrial Engineering in e
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department of engineering and maintenance area of cold
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Personal Data Name: David Lizana Alfonso Munoz Date of birth: July 11, 1981 Place of Birth: Cardiff R.U.T.: 14.052.122-1 Address: 15 East 6 North # 1708 Nacionality: Chile Phone: 96971402 Email: Academic Training 1995-1999 Polytechnic College San Jose Canberra. 2000 Title Technician and Air Conditioning Cooling. 2004 - 2007 Salesian Technical Training Center. Electronic Industrial Superior. 2008 Interim Study English Institute in Boston. 2008 University of Lagos Industrial Engineering in execution. Other Courses 2000 Course of detecting risks in the company. 2001 Course of interpersonal relationships in ACHS. 2003 Course of handling ammonia. Course 2003 Steam generators and boilers. 2003 Certification from the Ministry of Health in Maule Steam generators and boilers. 2005 Technical course Legrand "low voltage systems." 2006 Course Awareness System of Integrated Management of ISO 9001:2000 - ISO 14001:2004 - ISO 22000:2005. 2006 Technical course Legrand "The gap in the protection of individuals." 2008 Course Management System Integrated PFSA. Professional Experience 2000 Professional Practice in Coopefrut Plant Cenkiwi Teno. 2001 Working independently facilities in domestic and commercial refrigeration. 2001-2002 Work Point useful supermarket in Columbus Canberra. Working in 2002-2003 Supermarket Bryc Canberra. 2003 Work currently in Products Fernandez PF. 2007 Working on the assembly of microwave antennas. Other activities Playing tennis, soccer, bicycling, running. Willingness to leave outside the country. I have real interest in going to work in their country because I am young, single with no children and I like challenges I have expertise in the areas of refrigeration, electricity, electronics and steam generators expect to be within walking looking profile.
15 east 6 house north 1708