Dave D

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Dave D
 Dave D
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I am Dave, a person who loves to laugh and enjoy life. I am looking for a lady who share that adventure with me. I enjoy exploring and finding little getaways that we can make our own. I love to romance. I want someone who enjoys life, loves romance, and wants to share this exciting journey of life with me. I have learned that most things in life are not worth stressing over. I would like to meet someone who is easygoing and goes with the flow. Obviously, unexepected and bad things happen in life, but together, calmly, we can face all challenges! finding a great new restaurant. I love finding new restaurants and I like trying all types of food. I would love to take you to a romantic hideaway that we discover together. Enjoy this wonderful adventure called life with me coz i'm awesome ;-)))
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Rotterdam (Netherlands)
English, Hindi, Dutch, Urdu, Punjabi
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Φίλους, Σχέση
Brazil, Netherlands, Spain, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft


L.R.L. Exploitatie
Administrator and Price Analyst
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Management and Entrepreneurship
Administrator and Price Analyst