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Are Argetinos arrogant or not?

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I know this sounds kind of stupid - but in Brazil Argetinians are actually famous for being quite arrogant. Now this might be a prejudice, but I would really like to know how those of you that are living in Argentina see it. Is it true or not?

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    We aren´t arrogant, we are superior than you, yankees (and not americans as you wrongly call yourself).
    Your American-Argentinian friend.
    Tomás Acuña.

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    We are not arrogant we have napolitanian blood in your bodies this is the reason of our way to look to other people fom another countries.

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    Wow.... Honestly I thought that my culture was the only one having difficult issues with Argitinians ... But as it turns out, they have issues with just about all cultures...

    But I take that idealistic idea as the answer I was seeking towards argitinians.. It explains a lot.. Though I find it hard to understand why are people planting these idiotic ideas in their mind of thinking ones superior than others.... And I am not just referring to argitinians but in general, everybody...

    ... But in perspective, I believe that the reason why Mike Thompson was having an excellent experience with Argitinians is because he is perspective, is the kind of person, most, argitinians tend to be like... But I guerentee you that your great experience would of been different if your race was different than american...

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    well porteños: we are arrogant but people from the province they are not arrogant, they very cool people .

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    From my point of view, argentinians are friendly people. I´ve been in Buenos Aires for a while and it seems to me that they are warm people. At first I stayed at a hostel ( ) but this doesn´t count because at a hostel everyone is cool. Then I rented an amazing apartment for a whole year ( ) and the owner and the agency were very helpful people. It is worthless discuss about the arrogance of Argentina if they have beautiful places to visit and such friendly people.

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    No es más que Diego Armando MAradona como seleccionador de fútbol.

    Y en cuanto a Argentino pues he conocido a muchos y son muy buena gente.

    Un saludo.

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    Me quedo con la respuesta de Felipe Di Gregorio, lo demás ya sobra. Solo recuerden que nadie está por encima de nadie si nos regimos por la voluntad de Dios. Debemos vernos todos como a iguales y amar a los demás como a nosotros mismos, desgraciadamente no todos hacemos la voluntad de Dios y eso es lo que tiene al mundo como lo tiene.

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    Y la pregunta es ¿Si tan mal te caen los argentinos...a que vas?

    Ya se. Tu madre te ha dicho toda tu vida que eras bonito, guapetón y simpático. Y resulta que los argentinos no te ven así. En fin....

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    I enjoyed the discussion because in Egypt we might be close to the European and Asian Culture but most of us know nothing about Latin America except football and Communism ,

    I agree on the concept, Maria but I don't agree with using the word "Arrogant'

    "Arrogant = Self-important + showy+ Stupid " and that kind of person couldn't work in team very well, couldn't communicate with people in a good way and he is not welcomed from people most of times, he is demanding respect not gaining respect

    we may use another word "Self-assured" , I might be self-assured , having self confidence and proud of my self and my country but I'm open to deal with different kinds people even if they are not in the same level without showing off, consequently I gain their respect and I'm not underestimated ,,, I think that is what u mean,,, correct me if I'm wrong

    The arrogant person might be sincere but you don't feel comfortable when u deal with

    The Self-assured person might be sincere too, but u feel happy and safe when u deal with
    that is it ,, Cheeeer!!!!!

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