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Help regarding paying with Credit Card to the Us

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Hello, I apologize for the coming rather long question, but I've been desperately trying to find help in this regard for over a month:
I am Argentinan, looking to obtain the American CPA in a future. For this, I intend to purchase Roger CPA's Elite Course Package. And here the problem arises: Roger CPA accepts only credit or debit card payment. I am struggling really hard to find anyway I can pay this. I have the required 2.000 USD for the payment, but no local credit card in my country can afford me the credit limit I need to pay that sum in local currency (Even prepaid credit cards have limit here!). Furthermore, paying it with a local card would mean that I would have to convert it to local currency (and converstion rates would kill me) and also pay a 21% VAT (yes, 21% over the 2000 bucks).
I've been researching digital options, such as virtual credit cards, but NONE has accepted to offer me their services since I am argentinan, and they just dont like doing bussiness with my country.
As I said, after 2 months of searching, I've become desperate. Does any of you know of any service I could have access to, to make this payment?.
I deeply thank you for your help, and once again apologize for this absurd walltext I just wrote.

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    Hello Sebastian:

    I may have a solution.

    My name is David.

    I live in the US.

    Please contact me. My email is [...] I shall email you a copy of my plan in both English and Spanish.

    YOU SHALL PAY NOTHING. I am not a scammer. This is not a sales pitch.

    I commend your knowledge of English. Your missive is both concise and well-written!


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