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I need advice about Spanish courses in Buenos Aires

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Hi everybody,
I need to know where is better to study Spanish in Buenos Aires?
How much they usually cost?
How much time it takes?

Thanks in advance

  • María Arias

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    Curso de español en Necochea, Argentina

    Study Spanish in Necochea, Argentina and immerse yourself not only in the language but also in the rich and varied culture of this beautiful city. From the sunny surf beaches and amazing landscapes to the world famous cuisine, Necochea is the best place to learn Spanish.
    ElE ElE Necochea offers an interesting discount for groups of four students who want to learn español rioplatense.
    Friends coming together for four weeks will have an interesting discount per group
    Minimum students: 4
    Maximum students: 4
    Minimum weeks: 4
    Maximum weeks: 4
    Intensive course: 20 hrs per week( Mon - Fri), This program dedicates 4 hours daily to study the Spanish Language + Culture
    Special promotion for Lessons + accomodation: U$D 5000 per group
    Each student only pays U$D312,50 per week

    María Arias
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    María Arias

  • Daniel lau

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    i know where to learn chinese

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    Hi Marie, I am going to avoid answering your questions directly. I hope that is OK. Let me explain why.

    The cost is hard to predict without knowing exactly what you want. I went to Ailola Buenos Aires, but I chose to use their afternoon tutoring sessions instead of the morning courses. Looking back, I wish I had signed up for a couple weeks of the morning courses. It would have accelerated my learning.

    The time you need for classes is almost as hard to predict. I was in Buenos Aires for 3 months, but only went to tutoring sessions for 3 weeks. I had previous Spanish language lessons in high school and two years in college, so had a good starting point. The 3 weeks helped me learn Spanish as it is spoken in the real world, not the correct classroom form.

    If you do not have any background with Spanish, you probably want 3 to 4 weeks of classroom classes and make sure you immerse yourself in the language. You should give the counselors at Ailola Buenos Aires a call. They can evaluate your current language skills and suggest what courses you should take. You can use their ideas even if you choose a different school or a private tutor.

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    Thanks for information! I will check and let you know!

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    Hi Marie!
    If you are looking to come to Buenos Aires and feel like you need Spanish lessons to help you fully appreciate the city then we at Argentina Exchange offer a wide range of courses, schools and programs to help you!

    Our offers range from individual classes to small groups and you can choose how many hours a week you have to spare! What better way to learn than by making the city your classroom!

    Our promotional immersion month offer not only includes the classes but also airport pick up, accommodation for the month, obviously 4 weeks of intensive clases (20 hours a week), guided tours of the city and a weekly meet-up with other internationals and a free cocktail! This offer includes our help 24/7 if need arises.

    If this interests you take a closer look at our website and get in TOUCH.

    The team at Argentina Exchange.

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