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Looking forward for a work in Buenos Aires

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Hi Folks,
As per subject I would really like to spend a couple of year, or maybe more (never say never in life..) in Buenos Aires.
I'm Italian and I'm currently based in Milan working as IT consultant and I would be happy to find a similar job in Bs As.
I just have my passport at the moment. My Idea would be apply for a job, or better different positions... via skype at first and then finalize my job application directly in BA with the final job interview... Because I doubt that somebody could hire my just skyping... :)
Here is my question: According to the following link:

I need to present a set of mandatory documents (in the first column). Do I need to gather this documentation from Italy before looking for a job in Buenos Aires? And should everything be translated into Spanish by a recognized authority?
Somebody told me that I should get the job and then my new employer will be in contract with the Italian minister of foreign affairs that will open all the procedures to set up the documents required to have my visa, which will expire along with the termination of my job.

I thank you in advance you taking your time reading this message and of course for all the response I will receive.
In addition, I know that it's plenty of Italians in Buenos Aires, and perhaps somebody whom already when trough this process is already signed in in this community.
Hence I ask every Italian here to contact me, I promise I will not bother you too much :)

Cheers from Milan.

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    According to your objective (travelling just for last interview) you could enter the country with ourist visa and after getting a job you apply for the temporary residence. Also, you an enter with a student visa and don't worry about the 3 months length of the tourist visa. Also there is a renist visa, if ou have a rented property anywhere. Please, if ou need further assistance, please contact me directly to my email [...] , Pablo

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