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MBA in Argentina and Internship

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Heeeeellooo :-)

Perhaps one of you an help me:

I want to do my Master in Argentina, but now someone told me, that that's only possible if I studied for 4 years. But with a regular Bachelor degree you normally only studied 3 years. So, do you know what kind of requirements there are??

And I want to do an intership/work anywhere in South America before I start studying, because I have to learn/improve my Spanish first ;-) Do you know where I can find work/ an internship? Because I realized: it's quite hard to organize if you're not in South America but still in Europe.

I really hope, one of you can help me. Its sooo difficult to make that dream to live, study and work some time in Argentina/SA come true.

Best wishes from Germany!

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    there're plenty universities that offer MBA degree, but we have the best latinamerican school of business. universidad austral

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    Hi Bella!
    you can try whit this organization in your city
    They can offer your internships in Buenos Aires - La Plata - Cordoba or Mendoza.
    What kind of Master do you want to do? Let me know.

  • Sebastian Velez

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    Mira vos... buena info Martín!

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    This is the link to the official government website with information about studying in Argentina:

    If you need information on visas, you may see

  • Sebastian Velez

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    I think this is what you are looking for:

    In Buenos Aires:
    In Cordoba:

    I hope this helps you and welcome to my country ;)

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