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Moving to Argentina/bringing belongings/required docs

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Hola! I'm preparing my move to BA and wondering about the requirements for bringing private belongings/household goods to Argentina. Does anyone has experience with moving in with a moving company? What are the requirements & needed documents to move stuff there? What costs are involved, meaning trough custom etc.? Is it difficult for a foreigner to move stuff to Argentina without having any company supporting? Hope someone can tell me more as everything what i found till now is kind of not clear. Thanks and have a nice day! Cheers, Jacqui

  • Javier Franco

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    Hola mi nombre es Javier, y yo me mude con Gestion Rodar. Los contacte desde España, y desde Argentina me guiaron y me pusieron en contacto con su agente en Barcelona, la verdad muy transparente y cumplieron con lo que me dijeron, muy recomendables.

    Les dejo por si les es util:
    Gestión Rodar
    Peru 457, Piso 6, Oficina D,
    San Telmo, CABA, Bs. As, Argentina.
    E-Mail: [...]
    Tel/Fax: (54 11) 5032-2475
    Movil: (54 11) 153780-3012


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    Hello, Jacqui.

    BE CAREFUL! You cannot bring personal belongings into Argentina until you have achieved residency status here. DO NOT USE TRANSPACK! I asked that my belongings be stored in the UK until I had residency here. My request was ignored. Transpack was managing the move in Argentina. They tried to contact me once via an email address that was only for UK use. I did not reply because I never received their message. Months later, Migraciones contacted me about my belongings being held in Buenos Aires in storage. My situation was complicated because. though I had purchased a property worth much more
    than the minimum requirement for investors, fraudulent lawyers and notaries interfered and even had
    migraciones lose my "residency file" for more than 6 months.

    I had to pay an extortionate "storage fee" at Aduanas for the months my crate was in storage. Also, Transpack did not explain clearly about what was required. Because i did not have residency, I had to extend my visa with migraciones every 3 months. Then, apparently I was supposed to pay Transpack to prove to Aduanas that my temporary visa was extended. Besides this fiasco, I had to purchase a "guarantee / bond insurance" where the company provides a legal guarantee that I will not sell any of the items I imported. You must pay for this insurance by the year. So, you are paying both the moving company to handle the negotiations with Migrations every 3 months, and also are paying the Bond company.

    Transpack had a person managing my situation who did not notify me about needing to update the
    visa extensions with migraciones and AFIP every three months. In the end, they apologised for the two
    times they failed to contact me. The MD of the company is American and showed no remorse when
    Transpack did not contact me via my mailing address in Argentina when they had no response to
    the email they sent to England! Really bad news! I heard that a company that works through Chile
    is better, but I have no idea.

    You cannot deal with Aduanas in Buenos Aires yourself when you extend your visa. There is a list
    of "approved" liaisons who can provide proof of your visa extensions..but lots of luck trusting them.

    I have been dealing with this situation for 5 years. There is also the challenge of the condition your
    goods arrive (mine were not in good condition.. broken, missing, and anything with "fabric" was ruined).
    The insurance company would not deal with my losses because it was impossible to tell when the damage occurred .. before storage or after. Etc, etc, etc.

    If you are coming for a short time, I recommend leaving your goods in storage in your homeland.
    Many items were also missing and I have no way to know who stole them. Impossible situation.

  • Sebastian Velez

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    Here you have more companies to ask:

  • Sebastian Velez

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    Check the link and you will have all the information you need.

    The key is this part where says: La aduana solamente admitirá como equipaje a los efectos nuevos o usados que normalmente se pudieran utilizar durante el viaje para vestirse, asearse y para las necesidades personales (1) y de iguales elementos o de otros que en el país los utilizará para uso personal o para ser obsequiados, siempre que su cantidad, naturaleza, variedad o valor no presuma finalidad comercial.

    But I can't find the details about how to prove that you are coming with only things for personal use.
    I looked for some company for you and I found this one:

    Check it and let me know if it's useful for you. Make sure they answer all your questions.

    Kind regards,

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