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So much to do with so little time...

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I am very excited about moving to Cordoba in 6 months. It seems so far away now but I know it will be here before I know it! I still have a lot to do. I am in the process of getting my passport and visa now. I have to sell my car and a lot of my belongings that I am not taking with me.
I just found my dog Rocky and new home but it was incredibly hard for me to let him go. I have been having to make many sacrifices for this move but it will all be well worth it in the end. I can't wait to see my Aunt Susana and the rest of my family in Argentina! I will be there for a while and I will have to find a job but I know there are not many places I can work. I only know very basic Spanish although my father is teaching me everyday so hopefully by the time I move I will be better spoken.
If anyone on this forum can give me any pointers before I go that would be awesome! Like, what do people around my age do for fun? Where could I find a job being a native English speaker? Any local hotspots I should know about?

♥ Nina

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    Maybe in Buenos Aires an english speaker could find a better job, or more possibilities, but Cordoba is one of the most important cities, there are a lot of opportunities.
    If someone needs siupport for a jobsearch or his visa, please contact me at [...] , Pablo

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    hi nina,
    my name is kendall stiles, i am 26 years old and i am moving to cordoba some time this fall too, probably in november. i lived there for a year from the summer of 2001 to the summer of 2002 as an exchange student and ever since then i have wanted to try living there. i havent been there in years but i might be able to answer some of your questions. i have a lot of friends down there that i have maintained contact with and when i get there they are going to help me out with a place to stay and eventually a job. i just requested you as a friend on facebook. if you ever see me online feel free to ask me what you want and ill do what i can to help. it is the nicest place in the world down there. take care and good luck with everything.

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    Hi Nina, I've read your post and I would like to get info. through your own experience in looking up for jobs in Argentina, because I would like to go and work there as well. So, let me know how it goes and I wish you luck in getting started!
    Take care!

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