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Areatres Cowork Space

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share my experience with Areatres Coworking Space in Palermo. I've been working out of the space as a freelance writer for almost four months now and I've had an excellent experience. I tried another workspace in the same area but it was a bit old-hat for my taste.

The Areatres space itself is relaxed and conducive to getting work done for me. There's a sense of space in the building itself and there's a lot of natural light available, which I like. Also, the staff is top-notch and helpful. When it's nice outside, going out to do some work on the patio out back is good change as well.

I live within walking distance, so when I go home for lunch (there's a kitchen with a microwave in Areatres), I leave my things on the table where I work without having to worry if someone is going to walk away with my things. After living in Buenos Aires for three years, I can't say there are many places in the city where I feel like I can do that.

The other people who choose to work at the space are also friendly and open which makes for a nice work environment. I just wanted to share my experience with Areatres because I think the team deserves it really. They've made my working experience abroad a pleasant one. Hopping from cafe to cafe to freelance write just isn't my thing.

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