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Buenos Aires - Paris of South America?

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There is no doubt that Buenos Aires is a truly nice city. But do you agree that it is "Paris of South America"?

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    I agree with that statement. Buenos Aires is a great (and huge) European-looking city but with a fabulous LatinVibe.

    The art modern buildings, the colonial architecture, the parks and museums, the boulevards and tiny cobbled alleys... I think all of these give a good reason as to why Buenos Aires is called “The Paris of South America.”

  • craken flux

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    Yes,,, it is... except i never cared much for paris. streets too narrow,, too old. argentinians are the best thing about argentina.. they are very cold... unless you get to know them somehow... then ... is hard not to fall in love with everyone

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    Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, but a city of a South American country where the Italian speak Spanish and think they are Britons.
    The city is nice and charming but the rest of the surrounded Province is the worst Africa .
    Theaters and restaurants, coffee shops and libraries are magnificent but there are lots of poor people begging for some coins and sleeping on the streets. This is a real shame because Argentina is a very rich country with a bunch of robbers managing the political affairs.
    You can have a wonderful time in Buenos Aires, hookers are cheap and very beautiful and they are a consequence of the misery imposed on the general population to pay the luxuries of some fortunate people.
    If you visit Buenos Aires, stay on Capital Federal and don't go to the Province, otherwise your ass could be perforated and your pockets emptied.
    Good luck,


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