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Bored out of my mind! Is this a reason to leave a job?

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I started a job in November, so I've only really been working here for like 4 months. I know that people say you should stay for a minimum of 1-1.5 years, but I'm just not sure I can handle this job. Everyday I go in to work and sit there all day with nothing to do. I have already asked for side projects and have taken on a couple, but they only occupy so much time especially when I need further approval to take them anywhere. Usually I finish everything I have to do for the day by 10am, and then I just sit there. The worst part is that because it's an open office plan, everyone can see my computer screen which means that it's hard to work on personal stuff. I think part of the problem is that I finish work way ahead of when they say it should be done because I'm good with technology so as a 24 year old it takes me a fraction of the time it takes my 60 year old colleagues. Maybe this is me being dramatic, but it feels a bit like torture to go to work everyday to just sit there starting at my screen. I would seriously kill to have a job where I was overly busy. Is this normal to have such little work? Is it okay for me to start looking for another job? Any thoughts?

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    There are many reasons to leave a job, and 'unchallenged by the work' is one of them. It means it is totally fine to look for another job. No one wants to be bored in the workplace. You can find a job that lets you enjoy your work. Before appearing for an interview, you should explore the organisation and take some skills tests to understand where do you stand.

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