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Am I too old to switch careers?

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Currently, I have been working as the general manager for a foreign marriage agency for nearly 10 years now. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. It feels incredibly amazing to be the bridge that brings people together for love and romance. However, I have been thinking of changing careers lately. Despite how fulfilling my current job is, I feel like there is more out there for me.

I want to try something new and exciting. Maybe learn how to code and get a job at a startup company, or I don’t know, finish my studies and finally get my degree in psychology. I’m already in my late 30s, so it might be too late for me. Am I too old to be switching careers and starting from scratch all over again?

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    To be honest with you, there are people who make a fortune in their twenties. So, if we refer to them, you are late. However, I think everyone deserves a second chance. If you are convinced that this is your true vocation, there are no problem. My only advice is that you have to motivate yourself, to be ambitious high enough to avoid wanting to change activities all the time.

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