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I am currently in Austria (alone and family is in India), leaving this weekend to India.My company again sending me for 6 months means again i have to apply for new visa and I want to come back with my wife and 2 years old daughter. We want to come together but I heard that I need to submit residence proof then only my wife and daughter will get visa. So i need info, what can I do so that i travel with my family when I come back.
My additional details... I am working here in a reputed company in Austria, my current visa will expire on 01-March-2016.
I can get any papers if required from my company.

Thanks in Advance!

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    Sure will get back to you.


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    Dear Chandu!

    In order to be eligible to apply for VISA D for your spouse and kids, you have to proof:
    - income per month of € 1.323,58 for you and your wife as well as € 136,21additionally per kid,
    - at the same time you have to proof legal accommodation for all of you by submittiing a rent contract or a booking confirmation from a guesthouse, hotel etc for the whole period you plan to stay
    - you also have to proof health insurance for all of you.
    - last but not least, you should submit your employers letter that says why you are needed in Austria for that period of time.
    by doing so, you shold not have any obstacles to obtain that VISA D

    If you need any support, do not hesitate but ask your employer to contact me: and we will be happy to support you through this. It is our daily business. You can order your health insurance via our website as well.

    Good Luck!

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