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Driving license in Austria

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Is my driving license from Romania valid for Austria also or do I have to renew it??

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    hi i wana chang my internatcion licence in austria driving licence whats the prosiger

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    is there any different or additional fee for using the Austrian Driving License in EU ?
    You can drive with your license as international driver but you have to be careful with the car insurance quote

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    hi there
    i'd like to know how much the Driving License fee is for Resident in Austria? please
    it's the first time that i will get it

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    posted by  Stoian Bogdan in Austria forum 

    can I change my old Romanian driver licence here in Vienna? If i can do so,can you tell me where i need to go to apply for change it into an european driver licence?

    i found out what should i do but thank you anyway

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    can i apply for a driving licence without a residence permit?

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    i can make the driving school in austria if i don`´t know the languace?and if you can what document you need?

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    Hello Jens, thanks for your reply!
    Doesn't seem that complicated so far, but you'll never know what surprise the bureaucracy has for you when you don't expect it! ;)

  • Register a car

    posted by Deleted user in Austria forum 

    Hello Daria,
    first you need a permanent address in Austria to register a car there. The easiest thing is then going to your car insurance company (as you'll need a car insurance, a so-called "Haftpflichtversicherung", anyway) and ask them where's the nearest office where you can register your car and what documents you'll need.
    Good luck with it!


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    Hi Jens, thanks for your reply!
    If I buy a car, what do I have to do to? Like declare it or something? Where should I do this??

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