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Austrian Property Finder are actively searching for people who have relocated to Austria to start up a new business or who have purchased a property in Austria....

We are looking for people who are willing to be interviewed by ourselves, Graham & Sharon( Partners at and who are happy to share their story & experience of buying and relocating to Austria.

If you have a story that you feel would be beneficial to others considering a move to Austria, we would love to hear from you.

We would like to reassure you that there will be NO costs attached, infact quite the contrary. Your shared experience would be posted to our website along with the video and your business website address. Thus giving you an opportunity to promote your business on our website.

Please feel free to contact Graham and Sharon with any questions you might have..

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  • Andrew pinkney

    posted by  in Austria forum 

    Hi Graham/Sharon

    A very interesting email and I/we would be willing to get involved. We brought a place here in Altaussee in the 2005/2006 winter and moved here from Malta in the spring 2006. We have rennovated an old farm house and our 2 kids are in the local school. I continue to work as IFA specialising in transferring U.K pensions overseas amongst other things, so obviously this would be a great promotion for me and might also be of benefit to you as most of the people I help use the Pension money I release to buy property. if you want to contact me direct my email address is [...]

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