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Hello! My name is Lena. I would like to share my experiences of home education. But first I will tell my story. I'm from Ukraine. I am 27 years old. At school I always was a good student. My friends were only girls who have studied even better then me. I always «ran» after them. At the institute, I also studied good. I always dreamed of going to the United States. Once it was a competition at our institution. The winner of the contest was to go for the summer in the United States. The organizers of the competition during three months provided work and housing. I immediately signed up for the list of participants. I studied well, so the win of the contest was easy. But I faced with one issue. One of the points of the contest was an English test. I knew English bad. That was my main problem in the competition. I started looking how to solve my problem. I had not enough money, so I could not hire a private teacher. As for me, it was very expensive. I started to think how I can learn English free. I started to surf the Internet. I found a lot of sites. Here are some of them and , they helped me a lot in learning English. There were many other sites. I also found some good books. So I increased my English to 1-2 level myself. And it was free. I think it's good to learn subjects at home. Literature and information on the Internet is really a lot to learn at home. The main thing in this business is to have the desire. Discipline is also very important.

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