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Income tax in Austria

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I am trying to figure out the income tax in Austria , i have read that is ranges from lets say there is job posted online paying 1500 euro a month is that after tax or before? also are the taxes that gets deducted from your paychecks ,includes the health benefit or I have to pay separate for health insurance?


  • Emanuele Girgenti

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    I think that here you can find a lot of information: (tab taxation)

    Maybe you already know this website, but if not is a good idea to read something!!



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    I don't know precisely, but I think Wien, Vienna, should be a quite expensive city. First try to check out costs for renting an appartment, so you'll have a rough idea about how much money will remains in your pocket. If your wife will be on your charge, I think you will need almost €1500 (net) per month just to live. And yes, health insurance is included, well, you just paid with taxes. If I correctly recall, first 11 thousands euros are tax free, then between 11K to about 30K is 33%, then between 30K and 50K is 37%, and above 50K is 55%. Further you will have some other minor taxes such as the autobahn (motorway) tax (it is really hard to avoid motorways).

    So, you come from California. If I'm not too snoopy, why you wanna swap for Austria?
    Oh, by the way, when you'll actually come to Wien, drop me a message so we may drink a spritz face to face :-) (well not so quick to do: I live 500km far from Wien :/ )

  • Alex Spade

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    Hello Susan and Claudio thank you so much for taking your time to answer my question.
    Here in US. the Taxes are already deducted from our paychecks like yours. it is %6.2 social security tax and %1.45 medicare tax + Federal tax which it will depend on how much money you make and state tax ( some states dont have state tax). for example in California we pay about %15-%20. and you are self employed you have to pay double social security and double medicare.
    Please note that DOES NOT include any health insurance at all.
    what I am trying to find out is how much mony after tax I should make to be able to live normal life with my wife in Vienna .

    Thanks again

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    Hi Alex, as Susan say (Hello Susan!) in Europe employee jobs are taxed by withdrawing money from wages, so you should expect to get your money cleared from job taxes, but employers may state the salary either net or gross (Brutto in german), so as Susan said check out it. Brutto € 1500 in Austria is a really low wage. Beware also that you may be liable to pay further taxes if you get some other income (and they depends by which income is), and if those income are earn from Austria itself or from others EU countries, further you may claim refund if the money you paid for taxes (withdrawn from your wage) are in excess if you may prove allowances.
    And finally since you seems to be a US citizen, the IRS will ask you to pay taxes also to the US, regardless you make such money abroad, so check about any treaty against double taxation between Austria and US, and even broadly between EU and US, so to know if you might be eligible to get refunds if you already paid taxes in Austria.
    Eventually I suggest you to ask to an accountant or fiscal consultant, particularly because IRS, Austrian taxation is pretty strightforward and simple; yes they have high tax rates, but that's nothing compared to the italian taxation >:-(
    I love Austria, and I would like to move there.

    Hope to be helpful,
    greetings from Veneto.

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    Hello Alex!
    Well, normally the salary details from comanys are always without tax! Brutto-salary = without tax. For example when you have a brutto salary of 1500 euro you will find around 1100 Euro at your account (= netto salary). When you have a salary of 2500 Euro you will find around 1600 euro. You see, the tax here what you have to pay is very high. So i would give you the advice to ask the company are the informations in brutto or netto.

    To the quesiton with the health insurence: YES, the tax you HAVE TO PAY include a basic health insurence which is very good! But if you have enough money and if you like to get for example better room in the hospital or something, you can make a extra insurence called private health insurence.

    I hope i helped you and please feel free to ask if there is something a bit vague!
    greetings from austria!

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