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    Hello Alex!
    Well, normally the salary details from comanys are always without tax! Brutto-salary = without tax. For example when you have a brutto salary of 1500 euro you will find around 1100 Euro at your account (= netto salary). When you have a salary of 2500 Euro you will find around 1600 euro. You see, the tax here what you have to pay is very high. So i would give you the advice to ask the company are the informations in brutto or netto.

    To the quesiton with the health insurence: YES, the tax you HAVE TO PAY include a basic health insurence which is very good! But if you have enough money and if you like to get for example better room in the hospital or something, you can make a extra insurence called private health insurence.

    I hope i helped you and please feel free to ask if there is something a bit vague!
    greetings from austria!

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