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    after tax

    posted by  Claudio H. in Austria forum 

    I don't know precisely, but I think Wien, Vienna, should be a quite expensive city. First try to check out costs for renting an appartment, so you'll have a rough idea about how much money will remains in your pocket. If your wife will be on your charge, I think you will need almost €1500 (net) per month just to live. And yes, health insurance is included, well, you just paid with taxes. If I correctly recall, first 11 thousands euros are tax free, then between 11K to about 30K is 33%, then between 30K and 50K is 37%, and above 50K is 55%. Further you will have some other minor taxes such as the autobahn (motorway) tax (it is really hard to avoid motorways).

    So, you come from California. If I'm not too snoopy, why you wanna swap for Austria?
    Oh, by the way, when you'll actually come to Wien, drop me a message so we may drink a spritz face to face :-) (well not so quick to do: I live 500km far from Wien :/ )

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