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Job situation for foreigners in Austria

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I'm thinking about working in Europe for a while, but I'm not sure in what country. Would it be easy to find a job as a foreigner in Austria? And do I need a permit for that? I only speak little German, I think that might be a problem as well...

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    Hi guys,

    I am as well an engineer (with Msc and PhD) and I have been working in Austria for sometime know for an american company in the biofuel business. I have been trying to get a Job in an Austrian based company for sometime now, and haven't been lucky, and I think that is pretty much linked to the fact I don't speak German fluently (actually this was said very clearly by some people).
    Still, I do think Austria is a very nice place to leave and that Vienna is a very powerful city ;)

  • Awesome D

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    Vanessa Lakits, hi; I just want to let you know and understand that lerning any language depends on the environ you find yourself, the type of people you do always like to mingle with at work ,in your leasure time, this will determine how rapid your learning of any language is vital,
    for example you want to learn a language and you alway stays at home with someone speaking your mother language, how could you learn faster, my working in a public service firm as an African has brought alot of changes in my life knowing and understanding the Austrian, spanish,cubans,latinos Assians,. this has really expossed me in another dimenssion of proffession, Public Relations, so if you want to make things happen just try to find yourself in a museum, kino with deutsch speaking film translated and writting in english, restuarants where only german speaking people are ,try as much as possible to always see youself in an atmospheric deutsch speaking environ, within 4 to 6 months i believe you will be relieved alittle of not being afraid of any language, Is like you are in a jurney of to live in a wild life full with different kinds of Mamals, Lion,goats, Cats, Monkeys"Lions ARE THERE to make you afraid but you still need to understand their language, while she goat is their for milk making but you still need to understand her,Cat is for confort at home but you need to learn her language,And Monkey is to tell and show you all about the jungle you might have find yourself , Vorstehen Sie", do you understand me, i take learning of any language as adding some spices and opportunity of knowing people,having contacts, connections,friends,and understanding peoples culture, the way they Dress, look,cook,greet,hair styles,the unity interms of party or fest,etc. I hope with my little ellaboration on your quest you are ready to rumble and get some spices into your life,
    Thx, and Regards,
    Awesome David.

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    My husband and I are wanting to go to Austria for a couple of years leaving in July, we are Australians. We have the EU which is great, but have been told that our lack of German language skills could be a problem. This has put such a dampener on our plans!..But after reading what you said..feel much better..
    My husband is also an engineer in manufacturing..we have seen lots of cnc work in Salzburg..we love the austrians..i will just have to work in a call centre or something..

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    Hello Bowgemiangirl.

    Depends on the job. As I said above, if you are working in a call center with/ for English people, you must be fluent only in English. But if you are working in a shop, it is useless if you can't speak German/ Austrian.

    I am working for an international German Company, and I am working in Romania. THere are some mates who can not understand anything in German but who are working for the same company as they are working in engeneering.

    What job are you searching for?

  • Clive Smith

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    Hi Maria,
    working in Engineering in Austria, I have absolutely no problems with not knowing much German.
    Certainly in Engineering there is an abundance of work, so I don't know why it would be much different in other areas.
    You might not be aware though that, despite the written language being German, the spoken language is actually Austrian - which is so different to German that even if you were fluent, I think you would still struggle to understand what people are saying to you (except maybe in Vienna).
    Everyone understands German though, and most people, especially the younger generations, are very good at English.
    I have found Austrians in general to be extremely helpful people.

    I wish you luck

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    Hello Maria. I wanted also to move with my husband in Austria and I read a lot about it. I came back from Vienna two days ago, so I can say that I know a little bit about this subject. Well, actually, I can not agree with you Christian, that it is a disaster. Well, depens on the job you search, on what you can do. You can take a look on here are some jobs listed.

    If you want to work in a shop, to sell things (as Verkäufer :) ), or if you want to work in a call center I guess there are higher chances to get a good job.

    But if you want to work as lawyer, doctor aso, I guess there is pretty complicated, if not almost impossible.

    Tell me if I am wrong, Christian. i hope you can find something ok Maria. Good luck

  • christian gasser

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    actually the job situation is here in a pretty desaster.

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