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Hello! Myself and my partner have been living in Vienna for just over a week.

We were both professionals in the UK but have been struggling to find work here in Vienna due to our limited German. We've come across lots of posts where people have mentioned English speaking call centre jobs but we've not seen any of these advertised.

We both have previous call centre and sales experience so this would be a perfect solution whilst we brush up on our German. Does anyone know the names of companies with English speaking call centres becuase at present we have no idea where to start! :-)

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    I offer a job opportunity, so i search a person who is hardworking always want for more and want to do something more. So feel free to contact me if you feel like that and will have discussion on [...]

    greetings to all.

  • Job

    posted by Deleted user in Austria forum 


    Do you happen to still have a job opportunity?


  • Dani V W

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    do you have work for English speakers in and around upper Austria area?
    any help would be appreciated


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    Who would like to work in a kindergarten in the 18. District as an english speaker teacher? We need a Person who is flexible and work for full day (40 hours a week) ! Please contact me at [...]

  • Delorees Kotze

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    This lack of English medium jobs is making me rather skeptical now. I am in the process of relocating to Vienna and have been trying to find a job- with no luck. I will definitely improve my German, but just need to know the prospects of a job where the I can speak English.

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    Dear Sir,

    My name is Misaila Andrei and I am an Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbimng, Hvac, natural Gas engineer. In short Mep Engineer. I found your ad on this forum and i saw that you have information/ knowledge about job opportunities. I am looking for such opportunities and I am asking a feedback from your behalf. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Francesco Cigarini

    job seeking - engineering

    posted by  Francesco Cigarini in Austria forum 

    Hi everybody!

    I am an Italian Master Graduate in Mechatronics Engineering. I am living in Vienna since a month in order to learn German! I would like to know about job opportunities in big companies! Let me know!!

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    posted by  Paul Reniers in Austria forum 

    Hello All,

    if somebody still need a job-opportunity, please contact me.

    International company looking for motivated people.
    26th December we have a presentation together with the founder.

  • ady gaju

    keep dreaming

    posted by  ady gaju in Austria forum 

    even me i want a job i vienna but is not so easy no? i was there now 3 weeks ago ,i find me a company ho accept to make me the papers for AMS , i put them and now after 2 weeks the answer come; we have to many employes from here ho dont have a job .
    so now i am me too looking for a job in austria.i was working here in 2011 for one year ..........
    if somebody know something let me know

  • apostholos F Nainggolan

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    Hi Everybody....Iam tholos fr indonesia. Now I work at one's company oil.but Iam willing to stay in Austria. I know it's difficult for me to stay and find work in Austria. but I have skill in cooking and like to open any cafe/restaurant there, if any chance plse contact me.

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