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Hello! Myself and my partner have been living in Vienna for just over a week.

We were both professionals in the UK but have been struggling to find work here in Vienna due to our limited German. We've come across lots of posts where people have mentioned English speaking call centre jobs but we've not seen any of these advertised.

We both have previous call centre and sales experience so this would be a perfect solution whilst we brush up on our German. Does anyone know the names of companies with English speaking call centres becuase at present we have no idea where to start! :-)

  • ady gaju

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    even me i want a job i vienna but is not so easy no? i was there now 3 weeks ago ,i find me a company ho accept to make me the papers for AMS , i put them and now after 2 weeks the answer come; we have to many employes from here ho dont have a job .
    so now i am me too looking for a job in austria.i was working here in 2011 for one year ..........
    if somebody know something let me know

  • apostholos F Nainggolan

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    Hi Everybody....Iam tholos fr indonesia. Now I work at one's company oil.but Iam willing to stay in Austria. I know it's difficult for me to stay and find work in Austria. but I have skill in cooking and like to open any cafe/restaurant there, if any chance plse contact me.

  • Diana Krasteva

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    Hi, everybody.
    My name is Diana and I'm from Bulgaria. I work for Coca Cola Hellenic as a market developer. I really like my job, but I like Vienna more :) ! I want to live and work there. Tomorrow I'm starting my German language course and I hope when I finish it (the end of March) I'll be able to speak some German. I speak English and Russian too. Not fluent but very good! I have a bachelor degree in tourism and much experience in sales field.
    I'm asking you to share some experience in searching for job in Austria. I know that there are some special conditions for foreigners from Bulgaria and Romania who want to live and work in Austria. If there is anybody who knows something about this I'll be very grateful to contact me!
    Thank you and good luck to everybody!!! :)

  • James Abaham

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    thx for providing a good link, but still searching ....... thx anyway :)

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    posted by  Doris Z. in Austria forum 

    Dear Helen,

    No idea about call centres, but have you come across the website yet?

    They have job ads from firms looking for English speaking staff (although some expect a certain level of German as well). Maybe there's something suitable for you both on there.

    Good luck for your job search!

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