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    Hi Sonja,
    You will love it back in Austria! It is such a beautiful country and although unfortunately I still cannot speak German, I really do love this country more than anywhere else I have ever been!
    I could not find a suitable German course unfortunately, as I work remotely from home for a company in London all day, everyday (Mon-Fri)... So just trying to teach myself German with the help of my boyfriend, but my German is very basic at the moment. I am going to keep looking for a one evening a week German teacher, but so far I have been unable to find anyone.
    How long did you live in Austria before you moved? What would you like to do when you move back here? You could always become an English teacher...
    Do you have a lot of family in Austria?
    I have lots of Austrian friends, however they are all my boyfriends friends, so it would be lovely to start making friends of my own too!
    Gem :)

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