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    Hi :)

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    Hallo Sonja,

    Wie gehts?

    Apologies for the delay, it was quite a busy weekend. How was your weekend?

    I am so pleased it has cooled down a bit now, we had floods here and terrible weather on Saturday, did it hit your area too?

    Wednesday night would be perfect for me, how about Harley's Coffee Bar in Innsbruck? Very popular and we can sit outside, I cannot find a web page or link for it, but I understand this is the address, you may wish to double check so I don't send you to the wrong place:
    Harleys - Coffee Bar
    Bleichenweg 18
    6020 Innsbruck

    I could get there for about 7:00pm on Wednseday evening if that is ok for you? I could even come to your area if that is easier?

    Really looking forward to meeting you in person and having a nice chat!

    Gem :)

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