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    Hi Lee,

    It sounds like you are having a nightmare with your computer, the joys of technology! :)

    When you arrive you will need to go and see the Austrian Government and let them know that you are there, I can provide you with an address and contact number if that helps? They will just ask a couple of basic questions i.e. your address and photocopy your passport. Three months later they will send you a letter asking you to go and see them (you will be sent to a different office), they will then take copies of your wage slips (I think I had to take the last 3) and photocopy your passport again, you will need a passport photo and any other relevant documentation... They will just ask a few more questions, take €15 euros from you and give you a certificate of residence :)

    Do you speak German already? Do you have a place to live and everything sorted out?

    Gem :)

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