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We are travelling to Austria and staying with a friend in his house which he owns (although he's British and lives in the UK). The visa office need a "Meldezettel" which I understand is proof of purchase. Although we have sent the documents relating to the purchase of the property, the visa office insist that this particular document is supplied. Does anyone know how to get one, and if it's possible to do so at short notice? (we fly this Saturday). They won't issue a visa unless they have the Meldezettel. HELP!

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    Hi Mark!
    A Meldezettel is a document that is issued at the townhall. you go there with a pre-filled document and Register you at the townhall. the sheet has to be signed either by the landlord or by the owner of the flat/house.

    for more info you can reach me at any time under this Webpage:
    We can help you if you want.

    good luck

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