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Moving to Innsbruck

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Hi everyone,

My partner just been offered a position in Innsbruck and we accepted it, we are now looking to find a place to live and meet new people over there. I m so excited to come to Austria, and discover this beautiful country!! Has anyone got some tips, about where is the best part to live, do their have German courses ( I do not speak a word yet!!)
Thank you

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    Hello all, myself and my partner are looking to move to Innsbruck next summer (2015) and would be grateful of any advice on finding somewhere to live in the surrounding villages, not the city centre, Hall, Rum, Thaur kind of areas. We would also be grateful for any info on healthcare in Austria as we know EU residents are covered to a degree by the European Health Insurance Card but are there such things as top ups in Austria which cover you 100%, or the possibility of private health insurance?

    We're very excited about moving and really pleased to find that there are so many websites and forums dedicated to helping people move and integrate. Any advice on the move to Innsbruck would be gratefully received!

    Thank you, Sharon

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    Hello, hello,

    Not sure if you've moved to IBK, but if you have, just wanted to let you know that I'm starting a few "New in Town" and other social groups here, so if you fancy meeting new people in Tirol, this might help.

    The site is at

    Best wishes,


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    I would love to hear your feedback about your experience and living a life in Austria as compared to US, as we may be moving to Innsbruck from the U.S., too. I'm not sure what kind of housing we'd be able to find either, what kind of schools are there in the area for a five year old. I hope to meet other English speaking friends, too.

    The company, Med El is interested and we may be going there soon to check it out.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    he hallo
    of course i wish you all the best
    with learning german
    take care

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    posted by  Coralie D in Austria forum 

    Thank you everyone for the responses. We have been to Innsbruck for Easter and we decided to go for Thaur, we found a really place with a shared garden. The village is really beautiful and I m sure we made the right decision not to go for the city centre and have more in and outdoor space of our money. We will be in Innsbruck on the 16/06, and from then I will try to find some German courses, Andreas, thank you for your offer and the websites.
    I did find the website Englishintyrol too and also another one for expat but it seems to be under construction at the moment. I really hope I will be able to meet people as I m not going to work straight away and don t want of be stuck at home all day!!

    Speak soon

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    you can do a german course (
    or look for a language partner
    i am learning englich if you want we can practice it togeher.
    let's hear something ( if you want you can send me a e-mail ( [...])

    see you

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    posted by  Fiona MacKay in Austria forum 

    Hi Coralie,

    When are you guys moving over? I've been here just over a year and I'm
    really enjoying the life here. I found a great group when I moved here with loads of people who speak English. People meet up regularly in Innsbruck and there's a new site that may be helpful. Its If you are also looking for a doctor when you move the tgkk website has a full list of doctors. I agree on the house area advice and bus links are great in the outskirts of Inbsbruck :-)
    Kind Regards

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    Thank you so much your responses! We are coming over on the 04/04 until the 11/04 to visit few properties. We have been advised few websites and the newspapers to look for adverts, but it s sooo hard as everything is in German!
    Gina, did you find your property on We had a look and few are quite good, hopefully we can secure some viewings when we are coming over. Thanks for the info on german courses, I will definately have a look at that!
    Salut Thomas, thanks for the info on where is the best to live... this is the hardest : choosing the location! I found a couple in Hötting.
    The thing is I would love to have a garden, even tiny, I don t mind, but i do not want to be too far from Innsbruck, because I won t have a car so i need to have easy access to buses.
    HI Linda, thank you for your post, hopefully by going there for a week it will to find the right place to move to! If i can get some more info I will send over if you want.My partner is going to work in Jenbach for GE... and I will try to look for a job, but that another story as i do not speak german! I m suire i will find some courses, I did try Rosetta Stone for spanish but i found doing it on my own did not work for me, I would like to find a courses with other students with a face to face teacher. Oh, I m not from the US, I m french and partner is English... would love to visit one day tho! :-)


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    Salut Coralie!
    Nice places to live in in Innsbruck:

    Arzl, Hötting, Allerheiligen, Kranebitten, Höttinger Au.(Mitterweg and surroundings!) All are outside of Downtown, but easily reachable with bike or Bicycle.
    Outside its cheaper: Völs, Rum, Hochrum, Igls, Schwaz, just around the City its much cheaper, but you might need a car; Bus connections are rarer...
    I enjoyed the City and doing everything with the Bike...
    There is a French institut: Innrain 11.
    See you!

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    posted by  Gina M in Austria forum 

    Hi Coralie,

    I moved to Innsbruck from the UK last July. I found a couple of websites really helpful for finding somewhere to live.

    This website has details from many of the local letting agents

    Or the University student board also features rental properties from private landlords (normally without the extra admin charges)

    The local newspaper on a Friday evening also contains rental properties but I never got so far as to look at that.

    Also, in terms of learning german, there are a couple of places. The University language centre offers courses during semester ( or wifi, an adult learning centre, also offers courses (
    ch-als-Fremdsprache/@/zg/Ce/). Even though I work at the university, I take the courses at wifi and they are quite good and more regular.

    Hope this helps

    All the best with your move

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