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    Thank you so much your responses! We are coming over on the 04/04 until the 11/04 to visit few properties. We have been advised few websites and the newspapers to look for adverts, but it s sooo hard as everything is in German!
    Gina, did you find your property on immo.tt.com? We had a look and few are quite good, hopefully we can secure some viewings when we are coming over. Thanks for the info on german courses, I will definately have a look at that!
    Salut Thomas, thanks for the info on where is the best to live... this is the hardest : choosing the location! I found a couple in Hötting.
    The thing is I would love to have a garden, even tiny, I don t mind, but i do not want to be too far from Innsbruck, because I won t have a car so i need to have easy access to buses.
    HI Linda, thank you for your post, hopefully by going there for a week it will to find the right place to move to! If i can get some more info I will send over if you want.My partner is going to work in Jenbach for GE... and I will try to look for a job, but that another story as i do not speak german! I m suire i will find some courses, I did try Rosetta Stone for spanish but i found doing it on my own did not work for me, I would like to find a courses with other students with a face to face teacher. Oh, I m not from the US, I m french and partner is English... would love to visit one day tho! :-)


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