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Skiing in Austria

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I have been in Austria in the first week of March this year. We enjoyed a lot and skiing a lot. I love Austria!! I have posted everything about my tour in my blog, you can check it out here

I definitely want to go there once again and I need more tips on Austria tour. I mean did I miss anything there which is good and people must do that in Austria.

Any suggestions ??????????

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    Reading your blogs shows that you really enjoyed skiing. Yes skiing is very popular in few places like Austria as you visited and for me it is Falls creek in Australia. Well it is some what similar to Austria but few different ideas like facilities ways it is more suitable. I am here top tell you all these as my uncle recently viewed that place by enjoying facilities of attunga alpine lodge and apartments. They provide lavish arrangements of staying facilities like hotels, apartments, lodges etc. In addition near to their premises they also have ski resorts and ski accommodation. Have a word with for more ideas.

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