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Why are Austrian so cold?

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Seems like they are not interested at all by foreigners... and even that they don't like them. Austria is a lovely country so I don't get why his inhabitants are acting like that.
I feel a little bit rejected there...

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  • Pseudo Nym

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    Is this a misunderstanding about the Germanic culture? I don't find Austrians cold in the slightest. I guess it helps a lot if you speak the language, but like all Germanic people, once you are in familiar 'Du' form they are enormously welcoming. It's only that they make a clear distinction between the public/formal/respectful 'Sie' form, and the warm/personal/friendly 'Du' form. Are you not meeting people in the right social circumstances?

  • Emma J

    Not so cold

    posted by  Emma J in Austria forum 

    I don't think Austrians are really so cold. My family on my mum's side live in Austria. I have noticed a slower reaction to British sense of humour though, but I think thats universal.

  • mmm

    posted by Deleted user in Austria forum 

    thank you guys
    its very encouraging to hear that especially in this morning
    I moved to Vienna for indefinetely
    So I really need to settle down

    yes meet up plan sounds good
    let me know

  • ash lamb


    posted by  ash lamb in Austria forum 

    The german obstacle is the hardest about moving here I think, but if you're positive and make a choice to learn a little each day then it gets better. My german is getting better but I felt the same way when I first arrived. Ya let me know if you have some time to meet up. IVe been in Austria 2,5 yrs now but in Vienna since January so there still lots for me to see.
    Good luck guys!

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    Thanks for the site introduction. Will explore it :)

    Yes would be fun to meet with new ppl like you :) How do u overcome the obstacles in learning German... it's not easy i think haha

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    Really just taking it slowly and explore what is on offer here and there (its tough but have my families & fds from home constantly encouraging me).

    How long you staying in Austria for?

  • ash lamb

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    Hey guys, try some other websites like......., look for vienna community, lots going on and lots of meetings almost everyday of the week.

    P.S drop me a line if you guys wana meet up and go to one of the events e.g german practice tuesday nights!

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    after 4 months and still feeling lost??
    oh my.....
    is there any hope?
    how are you coping?

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    I been here for almost 4 months and still feeling lost.... everyone seems to be closed to themselves. Finding it hard to find places to meet people, especially when they realise you dont speak German.

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