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    HI Living in Vienna for last 6 months

    posted by  Ghulam Mustafa in Austria forum 

    I have been living in Wien for last 6 months. Austrians are good people as far as i know .But I dont have the experience with Wieners.I can say anything about them. Most of the people are living in the world are good. Some good people start behaving bad with god people because of their bad experiences with bad people. I think that this is major issue which everyone should take care of. Everyone is not the same. Bad experiences does not give you the right to behave bad with good people. Anyhow This is kind of philosophy. And If someone is ignoring you or behaving bad with you , just behave good with them . You will see the positive result at the end. This is not a big deal that if someone is bad with you and you are also bad with them , what is the result , both are bad. big deals. Come on lets start loving people and forgiving people.

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