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    Unfortunately, I have negative feeling. Although I have such a good job, good working conditions and good living in Austria for almost 5 years but I still cant integrate well with people here. Quite often that people look down or behave badly to me because of my Asian looks. Once they know what I am doing here, they start to be a little bit more friendly but still cold and distances. At work, the company need to treat all employees equaly. I have even a nicer office than other Austrian colleges, but never know, if there are really equally workload, chances and career prospect.
    I do not speak well German even living here for some years. People are happy to speak English to me to improve their English. Not so many people try to speak high German and speak slowly to me. These situations happened from people at work, at home and everywhere. Some people are nice and opened mind, I know , but not many I have found.
    I am always pity to myself. I always wonder why I am here to such an unfraindly place.
    What I could do to survive here are patient, smiles and try to think positive. We cant change them. I try to adjust myself but didn't work. Now I try to learn how to react with their behavier instead of trying to understand them. Or at the end, if everything don't work, considering moving to other countries.

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